Summer of Giles post.

Just a few manips for anyone to use and abuse. As is my usual rule, there are no rules. Just use and enjoy as you wish. Happy Summer of Giles!!!

summer_of_giles idea update

zombie Giles
I'm so sorry about not posting this sooner. Life has been a bit wacky lately and I've been working on manips for my summer_of_giles posting days.

Example Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.

Anyway, this gives a rough idea of what the user interface looks like in the "game" choose your own adventure story. Of course the actual pages could be longer and include graphics. I just know if I try to do this on my own it will never get done. To try and encourage folks to join in, we could make this a silly!fic or a bad!fic for the fun of it. We could also mix up genres with warning like

(the following path will lead to horror)
(warning, the following path can lead to smut)

Anyway, I need help coming up with a variety of branches to send a story. Within those branches will be subbranches so the story can be long or short. I'm easy. Really I just want to try this and see if it can be done. Doesn't have to be for summer_of_giles . We can just play with it. Anyone interested?

summer_of_giles team up anyone?

Yet again, I've signed up for the annual summer_of_giles and I have an idea but it's kinda unique and I just can't imagine taking it on alone. Well, it's been done very successively in a different and wonderful way through polls. However this would take an alternate approach. I've already signed up for 2 days but I'd like to do a larger project with Giles fans of different types in hopes to perhaps post at the final day. Curious?Collapse )


For all you Rupert Giles fans, it's that time of year for you to show your pride in whatever way you wish.
Sign-up page! Go Now!

Better Mood With Food

Groovy Bruce
Out of the doom and gloom...Collapse )

Even with my complaining about the Oscars, I ended up watching some. I got to see a glimpse of Mads and Ellen made it rather enjoyable.

worst fucking "vacation" ever

I know I will have an epic rant coming from this ridiculous trip. At this moment I am SO close to using the "hate" word to describe my emotions. I seriously need to chill to survive this. Time for my second xanax.

BtVS plot bunny question

zombie Giles
Hi guys. I'm sure this has been done but I can't recall.

Is there a fanfic where the Dark Willow and Giles confrontation ends with him having to kill her, absorbing all her magicks and going dark himself? It's gotta be out there.


Sam & Gene
*bowing head in shame*

And yet again I have failed NaNoWriMo. No surprise there. I could through out tons of excuses but honestly, if I wanted enough, I'd have done it. I swear I need to find some drug or supplement that can spark my imagination/muse. I should have known not to even post my attempt here.

Anyway, now I'm refocusing on smaller things, perhaps some silly holiday manips or something. I have a serious hankering for some Gene Hunt, Rupert Giles, Ethan Rayne and Hyde.
wicked ethan
This week was a sham for writing. Barely anything. What I've validated as numbers was what already existed and now I've hit a big ol' wall of nothin'. And now, as if to twist the knife, my muse wants to ditch my second idea and go for a first person journal of a mother and daughter trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. *headdesk* That would come much more natural for me, I think. I dunno. I may just start typing and see what sort of mind dump spills out of my chaos noggin.

Hows things with you?

Having one of those days.

wicked ethan
I just want to ship the lil' one off with papa and curl up with a cup of cocoa, extra marshmallows, and whimper in a corner.

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