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I can't seem to find a way to download all my albums on LJ. Thoughts?

Long overdue update

Anyone out there? (echo...echo...echo...)

If anyone is still checking in here, I have recently moved my site to a new web host so things might be wonky until I get a chance to check things. The old pages will remain but I hope to have one big archive which includes images I've collected for graphics as well as all my fan art and sketches. I rarely post here anymore. I'm much more active over on tumblr, which still isn't much.

Hope everyone is doing well. ((Hugs))
Who can only work weekends and possibly a couple hours in the evening. Been out of work for 5 years.
So yeah, I'm going to finds TONS of openings. And now I get the bucket full o' fun it'll be to update a resume which basically only lists one institution that still exists, with all the others having closed up shop long ago.
Sometimes life sucks.

[Bad username: Summer of Giles] works

Here's a second batch of graphics I made for [Bad username: Summer of Giles]. As you can see I have a AU trend going this year. Feel free to use and abuse as you wish. I own nothing. Hopefully they will inspire some great fic.

Apologies to Mads Mikkelsen fans who will no doubt recognize the base image I used in the last one. It has to be from one of my favorite photoshoots ever.

Need advice for a Summer of Giles manip

I have my base manip but I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone wanna take a peek and give me some ideas?

Summer of Giles post.

Just a few manips for anyone to use and abuse. As is my usual rule, there are no rules. Just use and enjoy as you wish. Happy Summer of Giles!!!

summer_of_giles idea update

I'm so sorry about not posting this sooner. Life has been a bit wacky lately and I've been working on manips for my summer_of_giles posting days.

Example Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.

Anyway, this gives a rough idea of what the user interface looks like in the "game" choose your own adventure story. Of course the actual pages could be longer and include graphics. I just know if I try to do this on my own it will never get done. To try and encourage folks to join in, we could make this a silly!fic or a bad!fic for the fun of it. We could also mix up genres with warning like

(the following path will lead to horror)
(warning, the following path can lead to smut)

Anyway, I need help coming up with a variety of branches to send a story. Within those branches will be subbranches so the story can be long or short. I'm easy. Really I just want to try this and see if it can be done. Doesn't have to be for summer_of_giles. We can just play with it. Anyone interested?

summer_of_giles team up anyone?

Yet again, I've signed up for the annual summer_of_giles and I have an idea but it's kinda unique and I just can't imagine taking it on alone. Well, it's been done very successively in a different and wonderful way through polls. However this would take an alternate approach. I've already signed up for 2 days but I'd like to do a larger project with Giles fans of different types in hopes to perhaps post at the final day. Curious?Collapse )


For all you Rupert Giles fans, it's that time of year for you to show your pride in whatever way you wish.
Sign-up page! Go Now!

Better Mood With Food

Out of the doom and gloom...Collapse )

Even with my complaining about the Oscars, I ended up watching some. I got to see a glimpse of Mads and Ellen made it rather enjoyable.

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